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What Is Safety Audit Explain Briefly?

A safety audit is a structured and systematic process where all required information is collected relating to the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of a company’s total health and safety management system.

Safety audits are conducted mainly for two purposes :

  • To know whether the company is in compliance with safety legislation. These can be performed by representatives of a regulatory body or by the company itself.
  • To identify risk and weaknesses in their safety programs and processes. These audits are then used as a guide for designing safety plans or to identify corrective actions that should be undertaken.

Other beneficiaries from safety audits are:

  • Promote constant review of systems to ensure that they do not become weakened by habit
  • Facilitate planned improvements to programs, policies, and procedures
  • Help to identify weaknesses in human resources departments
  • Help to demonstrate management’s dedication to employee health and safety

Key elements of workplace audit:

  • Consistent regularity
  • Competent and objective auditors
  • Advanced Preparation
  • Thorough Recordkeeping
  • Perceptive Data Analysis
  • Upgrading to Modern Technology

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