Facility Management System

What is ISO 41001:2018?

Facility management system is a globally recognized framework which helps for better compliance with occupational safety and health (ISO 45001) requirements and benefits. Facility Management System is an organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the Built Environment which provide a concrete base, leading to improving the Quality of Life of people and productivity of the Core Business.

Our experts help organization to build a smooth execution of functional units of following business process:-

Built Environment is a collection of buildings includes High Rise/Residential (include mechanical, electrical & Plumbing installations) external works (landscape areas, walkways, fence, gates), infrastructures (facilities, equipment and services) and other construction works within an area.

Core Business is to provide the needs to the Society such as Commercial Business Services, Medical Services, Education Services, Food Manufacturing & Products, Hotel Accommodation, Condominium Services, Shopping Mall.

Quality of Life is continuous improvement to fulfill Health and Safety requirements of organizational personnel both working & living in the Built Environment.

Occupational Health & Safety is to achieve the policy to prevent work-related Injury and Ill-Health to workers and to provide safe and healthy Workplaces.

Injury and Ill-Health means adverse effect on the physical, mental or cognitive condition of the worker. Such as injury due to machinery or tools, sickness due to mold infection or air pollution, mental sickness due to stress or excessive noise, unhygienic work conditions spread diseases.

Workplaces are where workers need to go for work purpose such as Commercial Office, Factory, Hospital, Hotel, University/College, Mall/ Shopping Complex.

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