Frequently Asked Questions

International Organization for standardization (ISO) is an independent organization that frames the standards for business excellence in area of quality, environment, health and information technology .Getting business processes certified shall create a winning edge in the market.

•  Attract Tender /Contract
•  Improvement of customer satisfaction
•  Increase your credibility and image
•  Improvement of employee satisfaction
•  Increased business
•  Process Consistency

Our Approach

Pick us A choice that makes the massive difference, with professionalism and expertise we always strive to add more value and are super active in providing pragmatic solutions to our clients. We Guide It is highly recommended to consult an expert to select the best consultant to implement the standard, and also to select the right accredited registrar. Get certified Post successful compliance audit, a certificate is issued by the accredited registrar.

Any industry can attract ISO certificate irrespective of size and location. That should approach right agency who can assist them on attracting ISO certification hassle free.

Costs can be substantial. Costs include consultant’s fees, auditor’s fees and certificate cost.

“No Hidden Charges”

Each certificate is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue.An annual audit is performed during this validity period to verify that you are still meeting the requirements.

Your iso certificate is valid for 3 years, from your second surveillance audit you can find out when you are due for recertification by checking the expiry date on your iso certificate.

Go to the certified registrar’s online list of ISO- Certified companies.Perfrom a search on the website by typing your company name and certificate number.

It depends on complexity of the process and time taken by accredited registrar.So, talk to the right agency like Qualitcert to get the right details on how to get certified.

Yes, ISO certificate can be revoked at anytime. Thus, you must make sure that ISO requirements are meet.

Once the company is certified, the certificate is valid for 3 years. To keep the status active, auditor form the register will perform audit annually that is called surveillance audit. In total 2 audits has to be performed during the validity period.

Activity performed the auditor to ensure that you are in compliance with the relevant ISO standard.

The ISO logo is a registered trade mark and cannot be used by any outside ISO

1.  Be prepared
2.  Perform clean internal audit
3.  perfom management review meetings
4. Take corrective action
5.  stick to objectives .