TOP 5 Factors To Get ISO CERTIFIED For Health Care Industry?

ISO standard works through its channel of connections to its members to bring together the foremost international expertise and disseminate it globally. By implementing ISO standards, organizations and companies make a proactive commitment to the principles of quality, transparency, accountability and safety. ISO standards make it easier to compare health services, exchange information, aggregate data and safeguard the privacy of an individual’s health. Health care Industry, Regulators & Consumers are benefited by ISO Standard.

Followed Sectors who covers under ISO standard for healthcare industry:

Dentistry of healthcare products
Assistive products
Optics Chinese medicine
Equipment for transfusions
Infusions and injections
organization management
Medical devices Surgery
Implants for surgery

Factors to get ISO certificate:

1: Ensure quality and safety in the treatment of patients.

2: Identify and manage risk to patients, staff and the organization.

3: Determine, manage, monitor and improve complex and interrelated processes.

4: Implement best practice routines and procedures.

5: Comply with relevant international and national legal requirements.

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