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ISO 9001 Certification Process And Its Cost?

In the current marketplace many small and medium business owners feel that they cannot afford ISO certification. Unfortunately, this means that they miss out on the many financial benefits of achieving ISO 9001 certification in Kenya. Qualitcert aim to provide a cost-effective way for businesses improvement to get ISO certified. This is achieved by streamlining the overall process, allowing you to apply for and obtain your certification on-time, without any hassle. This means that you’ll start saving money from the very beginning of the process, which will continue as your business adopts the practices needed to maximize your resources.

The total cost of ISO 9001 certification depends on various factors specific to each organization and involves the following factors:

  • Your industry sector
  • How many offices you have
  • Your annual turnover
  • How many employees you have
  • Single Site or multiple site
  • Intent/1st surveillance/2nd Surveillance
  • Recertification

We’re a leading Certification, Assessment and Training company We are one of the leading Certification, Assessment and Training services company. We partner with our clients to help them systematically optimize and transform businesses .Our strategic innovation and key business growth strategies help businesses progress constantly.

Every organization must combine ISO requirements, technology and human skills, to Excel. Our diverse, global experience brings in solid industry expertise and helps anticipate the clients’ changing business needs through a winning- edge services. We use a unique delivery model across all industry verticals to deliver the results that help our clients surge ahead of competitors.

Getting your business certified with ISO standards will not only attract and maximize business in the market, but also empowers human resource and creates compelling processes.

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