ISO 27001

How To Get ISO 27001 Certification In Lebanon

What is ISO 27001 ?
Information security management system is a globally recognized framework which helps organizations’ to secure and manage their business critical information and assets by anticipating the risk factors that might break down the business. It helps organization to create a healthy and secure environment by conducting a risk assessment, managing the identified risks and select the controls to be implemented.

Why ISO 27001 for your company ?

There are several business benefits that a company can attract by implementing ISO 27001, key benefits are explained below:

Legal requirements – when running an organization , that should comply with multiple legal and regulatory requirements associated with information security, ISO 27001 will act as a tool for resolving the requirements, this standard gives a holistic methodology to comply with.

Marketing advantage – By getting your business processes certified even before your competitors, you may have a strong advantage over them and shall attract more customers.

ISO Certification in lebanon

Control costs – by implementing the controls an organization can prevent security incidents from occurring. By preventing them, the company can save a lot.

Disciplined organization – to match with the current trend, organization keep running fast to stay ahead in the market, the result of this leads to less focus on the system and employees, by implementing ISO 27001, an organization can have a very good system, and keep employees happy.

ISO 27001 implementation Items are

  • Define the ISMS scope
  • Write the top level information security policy
  • Define risk assessment methodology
  • Perform risk assessment and treatment
  • Frame up statement of applicability
  • Perform awareness programs
  • Perform internal audit
  • Perform MRM

What is the exact structure of ISO 27001 ?

ISO 27001 own in total 10 clauses, plus Annexure A. clauses 1-3 are just the introduction and non mandatory, while clauses 4 to 10 are mandatory – which only means that all the requirements must be implemented in an organization to stay in compliance with the standards requirements. Statement of applicability has to be pushed in to implement the controls.

Clause 1: scope – Narrates to all organization this standard can be implemented.

Clause 2: Normative references – this refers to ISO 27000 where elements are given to implement ISO 27001

Clause 3: Terms and definitions – refers to ISO 27000

Clause 4: context of the organization – this clause falls under plan window in Deming cycle (PDCA) and defines requirements for understanding external and internal issues, interested parties and their requirements, and defining the ISMS scope.

Clause 5: Leadership – this clause defines top management responsibilities, setting the roles and responsibilities, and developing an information security policy, falls under plan window in Deming cycle.

Clause 6: Planning – helps organization to perform risk assessment, treatment, in developing statement of applicability and setting the information security objectives.

Clause 7: Support – defines the requirements for availability of resources, competences, communication and control of documents and records.

Clause 8: Operation – pushes organization to implement the items defined under clause 6 , so that the information security objectives are met.

Clause 9: Performance evaluation – this clause helps organization to perform internal audit and management review meetings.

Clause 10: Improvement – defines the requirements for nonconformities, corrections and continual improvement.

How to get ISO 27001 Consultants in Lebanon?

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