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How To Get ISO 22000 Certification In Oman

ISO 22000 Food safety management system- To excel your business and protect your food

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How to get your business certified with ISO 22000 and take your business to next level?

What is ISO 22000 ?

Food Safety Management System that can be applied to organization which is into food production and export. carrying the label of ISO 22000 certified allows company to showcase that they have strong system to protect the food and also boost customer’s confidence in the product. This is a key requirement, since the customers push for a safe food and producers expect that the raw materials supplied by the suppliers should be safe. IT hub is attracting more and more human resource and companies to foot print in the land and do business, to satisfy the food desire they start walking into producers of safe food. ISO certification shall help the food business agents to attract more customers.

What are the ISO 22000 requirements ?

ISO 22000 pushes the producers and suppliers to design and document a strong Food safety management system. The standard contains the specific requirements to the implemented, followed, monitored and continually improve.

Requirements are:

  1. Having holistic food safety policy drafted by the top management for the organization.
  2. Set objectives that will push human resource to stay comply with the policy.
  3. Form a strong food safety management team and appoint an Leader for the same
  4. Frame up a strong communication procedure for both internal and external parties.
  5. Providing competent resources, infrastructure and right environment for the effective operation of the FSMS.
  6. Having a strong HACCP and emergency plan
  7. Framing up the HACCP plan as per the HACCP principles.
  8. Defining a traceability system for identification of defect product.
  9. Checking out if the system is in compliance with the FSMS.
  10. Performing internal audit to check out the compliance thing, take a corrective action on the non conformity of product.

What is HACCP ?

HACCP : Hazard analysis critical control points is an globally recognized tool ,that helps identifying and managing food safety related hazards, when implemented this can provide the customers, public and regulatory agencies confidence that food safety subject is well managed.

What is the difference between HACCP and ISO 22000?

HACCP stands for Hazard analysis and critical control point is a food safety tool that prevents the likelihood of hazards. ISO 22000 is a global standard that has been framed to guarantee the safety of global food sector.

Company operating in the field of food, you are required by law to comply with available and globally accepted hygiene regulations in accordance with HACCP guidelines. Also advised that must systematically manage the critical points that affect the safety of food. ISO 22000 is the standard for food safety and is based on HACCP guidelines in accordance with codex and the management principles of ISO9001.

What are the ISO 22000 requirements ?

Top management has to develop an overall food safety policy for the organization. Setting objectives that will drive the company to comply with this policy. Planning and designing a management system. Documenting the procedure and records of the system. Create a food safety team to manage the process. Implementing HACCP principles. Managing the identified hazards, controlling, monitoring and record keeping.

ISO 22000

How to implement ISO 22000 ?

1. Kick off Meeting
Kickoff is the first and key meeting with the process owners and Top Management. This meeting introduces the process owners of the team and drives to discuss on the ISO project plan, roles and responsibilities of the ISO consultants in Oman and process owners.

2. Awareness program
Awareness program is an interactive program designed to provide all the team members with the basic elements on what is ISO, standard and implementation items.

3. Gap Analysis
Gap analysis is a tool used to analyze the current performance and performance expected. The gap items are then escalated to the process owners and top management. Consultant will put forward a report on what steps should be taken to meet the performance expected.

4. Documentation Training
Documentation training is an interactive program designed to provide the process owners/document controller on how to frame a standard operating procedure (SOP) and records (Evidence).

The same will be explained using the standard template designed by the ISO consultant specifically for the organization and opted standard.

5. Documentation Review
Document review is a formal assessment performed to check how well the team has framed the standard operating procedure and records. If any gap is noticed during the review, consultant shall feed in the change items to process owners.

6. Internal Audit Training
Internal audit is a simple and effective tool available in the ISO to check on how strong the system/process is constructed .The consultant will deliver an interactive program on how to perform and who all will be performing the internal audit.

7. Internal Audit
A simple and effective tool available in ISO, performed to check on how strong the system / process is constructed. This activity is performed by the process owners with the help of ISO consultant. If any to be changed/improved items are picked during the audit, the items are pushed to Management for the corrective action.

8. Management Review Meeting
Internal Audit gap and to be improved items are discussed with top management and process owners to take effective action on the same.

9. Shade Audit
Consultant will perform a pre-assessment to check on if the system is in compliance with the Standard, Customer, legal and organization requirements. This is performed before the External Audit.

10. External Audit
Final assessment on the system is performed by a certified Auditor. ISO consultant will assist the team during the audit.

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