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How To Get HACCP Certification In Saudi Arabia

HACCP ISO 22000 is the internationally accepted standard for food safety management. ISO is a huge international body which has representatives from over 160 countries. Its purpose is to publish business quality standards for a range of industries and business sectors. To get the certification, businesses need to integrate ISO 22000 standards into their processes and systems. The certification is meant for food processors, food manufacturers, retailers, storage facilities and transporters, hotels, restaurants etc.

ISO certification in Saudi Arabia is a flash exhibits to clients your promise to delivering or exchanging safe nourishment in Saudi Arabia. This confirmation based approach can be especially gainful when you are liable to investigation by administrative experts or partners in Saudi Arabia.

ISO certification in Saudi

Showing a genuine duty to nourishment security through HACCP consistence can likewise change your image and go about as a compelling section to-showcase apparatus, opening up new business openings around the globe in Saudi Arabia.

HACCP Principles:

  • Initially, you need to prepare the HACCP plan to identify the biological, physical and chemical hazards which may lead to unsafe food. Next is the identification of the preventive measures which can be applied to eliminate the hazards.
  • Identify critical control points which is a procedure on which control can be implemented that helps in eliminating or prevention of the hazard.
  • Identify critical limits or the value up to which all hazards should be controlled.
  • Establish critical control point monitoring requirements which has to be implemented so that the critical point is monitored and the hazards can be controlled at the right time.
  • Apply corrective action for the hazard to be controlled.
  • Procedure should be established to verify whether the process is working as expected.
  • Another principle is the Record management where all the records have to be maintained.

How to get HACCP certification ?

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