How To Get Ce Certificate In Nigeria?

CE marking allows company to legally market and distribute their product within the European Market, and declares that product complies with all applicable European Directives and Regulations.

CE marking conformity assessments services from Qualitcert helps achieve compliance, helps to determine which EU directive &standards apply to products, safe deriving of products under EU, helps in achieving CE MARK certification to your products.

Our service includes

• Detailed explanation of CE-marking process

• Conformity assessment

• Verification of product design, specification

• Production supervision and sample testing

• Technical file preparation

• Helps in issuing CE mark Certificate

Benefits of CE Mark Certification:

However, getting the products CE certified tends to be beneficial from the customer as well as manufacturer perspective.

  • The manufacturers gain the freedom of making their products completely available in the European economic market.
  • Customers are guaranteed about the product conformation as per the regulations set with respect to the particular directive.
  • Manufacturers can proudly say that their products are safe and healthy to be used.
  • By strictly possessing the CE Mark on the product will critically decrease the negative claims as well as liability premiums.

Qualitcert Services is one of the largest and leading CE consultants in Nigeria . We are transnational ISO certification consultants with clients in India, USA, UK, India, Kuwait, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Russia etc.. We provide quick, result oriented and easy to implement consultation and training for CE certificate.

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