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What Is An ISO 9001 Audit And Its Procedure

 ISO 9001 mainly focus on quality in management system, the ISO 9001 audit is an essential part of becoming and staying ISO 9001 certified. It will help you:

  • Ensure your Quality Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard
  • Identify and address any issues with your Quality Management System
  • Identify potential improvements to your system
  • Ensure your organization takes appropriate action to meet its quality objectives.

There are three types of audit they are:

1st party audit : – Internal Audit

2nd party Audit:- Supplier Audit, Contractors Audit etc..

3rd party Audit :- Certification Audit, Financial Audit etc..

ISO 9001 Certification awarded once company underwent a complete audit process, it happens only in 3rd party audit. It has two stages

Document Review: First, auditors check whether procedural documentation meets ISO 9001 requirements.

Process Review: The main part of the audit process consists of checking actual business activities against documentation and looking for discrepancies.

The three ways audits can be conducted are:

On-site audits are performed in full days. The number of days needed for an audit depends on several factors including size, complexity, risk, and nature of an organization. The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has provided guidelines for registrars to calculate audit time.

Remote audits may be performed via web meetings, teleconferencing or electronic verification of processes. Remote audits are less common and typically not as effective as on-site audits.

Self-audits do not always mean an internal audit.

  • Steps involved in audit process
  • Appoint the Right Auditors
  • Use Forms and Checklists: Audit Checklist, Audit Report Form, Attendance Roster
  • Standardize the Audit Assessment
  • Hold a Closing Meeting with Auditees
  • Get Feedback from Auditees

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