ISO 14001 certification in Iraq

ISO 14001 Certification In Poland

ISO 14001 Certification Support to get in line with the rapid development period of industrialization and modernization has made the condition dangerous in various points of view, taking into account the risk of global warming, land pollution, pollution of the water, noise pollution, ISO 14001 certification focuses on reducing all types of pollution, remembering the legitimate and legal needs that, if they are in consistency, can reinforce the reduction of ecological pollution. ISO 45001 Certification encourages the association to think and monitor the ecological effect and diminish the effect.

What was the most difficult part of the process?

The most difficult part of the implementation of the EMS system was communicating with our field staff so that they understood why we more doing this. Since some of the staff have a very basic education, it is still difficult to get them (especially new service providers) to understand why we do this and the purpose of their involvement.

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